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Deadly Bush Foods Dinner

In 2019 Tully High School Kitchen Operation students hosted a dinner for 200 people showcasing Bush Foods under the guidance of the Girringun Aboriginal Coperation.

Source: ABC Far North
Credits: Sharni Kim

Bush Foods Dinner - ABC Interview with Charlie Mckillop & Sharni Kim

The morning of the dinner, Charlie Mckillop and Sharni Kim spent time in the kitchen during the preparation of the dinner this was around 11 am the morning of

Bush Foods Wrap - ABC Interview with Charlie McKillop

Friday morning – September 19th 2019  – The morning after the big event, various people were interviewed throughout the service period on the evening, where 200 ppl were seated and served a four course meal – meaning students served over 800 plates of food that evening,

ABC Wimmera with Rebekah Lowe

Rebekah asks about my connection to the Wimmera and the Isolation kids cooking classes that I started via Instagram to help support families and bring easy cooking skills into the kitchen to connect families and add some fun in the kitchen.

Appetite For Change

#5: Learn how going the extra mile changes lives for good - Elena and Rob are joined by Cat Clarke, to be inspired by her experiences and knowledge.