Welsh Rarebit

This is certainly a comfort food 💕 ..... Welsh Rarebit or as I heard for the first time Welsh Rabbit.

'Why would I want to eat Rabbit for brekky'  I responded after my Cousin Chris asked if I wanted it for Breakfast. We may have had a few too many pints the night before in Shepherds Bush, she laughed. 'No, Rarebit, ' I looked back at her confused and she explained what kind of cheesy goodness it was and I was a little too excited, hoping that the brekky would cure my self-inflicted Sunday morningitis on the cold, rainy London morning.

Over the years following, on the odd Cold Sunday mornings, the cheesy delight would make a comeback. The roux followed by the beer and the mixtures of cheeses with seasonings of paprika, Worcestershire (am I the only person that has trouble pronouncing or spell this word the first time around?) mustard, and a fatty egg yolk on some day-old sourdough bread.

My little friend, chef Alice, and I cooked this together on a cooking video last year,  except little Alice used the milk instead of the beer, she couldn't believe I was using beer, with her response being eeeeewwwwww .

On your next cold, seedy feeling Sunday, have a craic at making them, you will probably want to roll back into bed but it will fill your belly and soul and get you through the day :)

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