When Life Gives You Lemons

Both neighbours on either side of me have lemons trees with an abundance of lemons

I have community members bringing lemons and limes in to the school for me to use for our classes, home eco and project Based Learning. I love everything about lemons, the tartness, the fact that you can add it to a dressing or shred zest over a pasta you're about to eat and it makes it come alive and sing.

We have made lemon curd and sold to teachers at the school to raise funds for our students My year 9 and 10 class made lemon Meringue We had lemons to be used at the end of last term and made endless lemon deliciousness and the students couldn't get enough With lockdown and lemons either side of my fence and wanting to master a proper meringue I made a few at home and dropped of to neighbours for their supper delights. I found the trick with getting the meringue to strong point is to warm the eggs whites and sugar over a double boiler (pot of simmering water and a bowl on top) warm for a couple of minutes then pace in a mixer and mix on high and BAM there you go. Fantastic looking meringue ready to finish off your masterpiece.


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