Sunday Lunch at Cats No 2 - 17th July

It is fantastic to report that the second luncheon was a success. With strong winds and rain, the weather turned on her charm of 12 degrees.

Perfect opportunity to have the dining tables inside.

Jan, a friend of mine, helped me move the couches out of the living room and into another room on Saturday. And we set up two tables of four and two tables of two and they fit comfortably in the living room. The dining room was set for a table of six.

The 17th of July was attended by 18 people in total.

Due to a cough, Paddy was unable to waiter, despite his best efforts to convince me he was fine. So I had my amazing niece who's only 10 keen to come and hang with her aunty and run plates and dry dishes. Also,  my dear friend Kylie came over again and helped out in the kitchen again and put her finishing touches on the tables and room decor. 

The menu consisted of:

Arrival plate:
Saltbush focaccia (Saltbush from my garden), fried paprika and lemon chickpeas (Chickpeas from Natimuk), warmed local olives (olives from Mount Zero)and cheese and sesame biscuits.

First course:
Stinging Nettle (Stinging nettles were foraged from my backyard and dried and added to the pasta dough) ravioli filled with mushroom, goats cheese and sweet potato (sourced from Lagom farm)

Second course:
Saltbush (from my garden) crumbed lamb cutlet on  a bed of orange (local backyard in Dimboola), date and pomegranate (from a friends tree, collected the fruit out of the shell and froze) couscous with stir fried Warrigal Greens (from my garden)

Third course:  
Chicken ballotine stuffed with lemon (next door neighbours yard), thyme (my yard) and pistachio, served on potato pav and season vegetables (supplied by Lagom farm)

Fourth course:
Alternate drop of either Lemon Myrtle Creme Brulee (Lemon Myrtle from my friends at Bush to Bowl)  with a lemon myrtle shortbread or Chocolate and mint tart with poached quince (Quinces were donated by a friend)

I invited guests for a garden tour after the third course, while the chicken was in the oven. While it is the middle of winter and not much is happening, it was a great opportunity to share what has been happening in the garden, what has been planted for spring, and what the next steps are. Additionally, I was able to show off Warrigal greens, stinging nettles, Saltbush, herbs, and chooks.

The day began at 12 p.m. and ended at 4 p.m. All guests had left by 4 p.m. After a final clean up and moving furniture back to its place, the day was completed at 6 p.m.

Being able to design dishes around produce available and opening up my home fills my heart with joy. My element is here.

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