Grampians Grape Escape

In just over a week, even though it feels like a month has already passed, I am finally sitting down to share the Grape Escape experience with you. 

My friend Anthony from Great Western Granary asked if I would be interested in being involved, and I said yes (this was about four weeks before the event). Once ideas were being thrown around we decided to separate at the last minute. He was lucky enough to sell products that didn’t require cooking, what a smart man!, so having separate tents was a good idea. The weekend was spent as neighbours. 

I spent some time chatting with Gavin and Charee at Dallki Garringa Nursery about all things Bush Foods. The nursery is set to open in about six months. 

After talking about food, I decided to showcase four dishes. The first two are savoury, and the second two are sweet.

  • Arancini with saltbush and Meredith Cherve cheeses and Muntrie Chutney
  • Warrigal greens and Saltbush croquettes with a tomato and basil sauce
  • Chocolate Wattleseed and fresh jam delice cake
  • Wattleseed and fig frangipane tart with lemon myrtle cream

I spent the majority of my holidays preparing, organising, and preparing for the event since I had no idea how many people would attend. I knew an estimated 8,000 people would attend the event.

Despite a massive amount of rain on Thursday and Friday, the skies cleared early on Saturday for our early start. I arrived at the Escape around 7:30 am with my niece, Tehya, and we sold our first dish at 10:10. Around 7:00 pm, we packed up and were full of adrenaline, but also exhausted.

And then to do it all again on Sunday. I hit a wall on Sunday afternoon, looking at the coolroom and the equipment that needed to be packed up and then the thought of being back in the classroom first thing the next morning became slightly overwhelming. After the release of a few tears and then the support of my friends and also my stepdad arriving to pick up the coolroom, I put my body back into motion to get up and get on with it.  And we did.

We met so many amazing people that engaged in tasting the foods, asking questions, and evening sharing their own knowledge. I love learning and sharing my food along with the knowledge that I have. 

Thank you to everyone that supported us and wanted to learn more, you guys are just the coolest. Please view the Instagram posts below for more photos and thankyous!!


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