Eggplants For Days

September 2021, I bought a variety of seeds from 'The Little Veg Patch' after I built up the garden beds. I'd never grown eggplants before

and wasn't sure if 1. they'd work or 2. they'd be edible. I have not eaten a lot of eggplants in the past,  I've cooked with them and eaten them, but I've never had a strong desire for them. However, I am now a huge fan. I've harvested 10 eggplants from 5 plants thus far. I cooked caponata in a jar using a recipe from Alice in Frames' 'in Praise of Veg'. I had enough to give one to my stepfather, one to Paddy and myself, and one to take to work with me. One of my colleagues said he liked it a lot, but when I told him it was eggplant, he exclaimed, "But I detest eggplant." Now you don't, hahahaha

The second dish I prepared with my Melbourne friend Mel was Pasta Alla Norma. I posted the eggplants on my Instagram story, and she messaged me, saying I should create that meal, and since I had no idea what it was, she offered to teach me, so we held a class. Amazing.

Then I had my project-based learning lesson on Thursday, where the students are learning about seasons, when to grow, when to harvest, and different climates. We made the smokey eggplant dip and the Pasta Alla Norma again with four eggplants, basil, and mint from the garden. With only one student refusing (which is common due to sensory issues), the majority of pupils returned for a second serving.

So, if I do say so myself, it was a success. I currently have four blooms in the garden that are still developing, as well as another eight flowers. There will be more dishes to come. Exciting eggplant times.

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